Mana Pools


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mana Pools National Park in northern Zimbabwe is one of the most remote and least developed safari parks in the country and is known for its exceptional walking and canoeing safaris.

A remote and truly ‘African’ safari park, Mana Pools National Park is located in the extreme north of Zimbabwe right on the Zambezi River and far from all major towns and settlements. Known to be one of the least developed National Parks in the whole of Southern Africa, Mana is simply bursting with birdlife and wildlife, especially during the dry season from June to October.

The National Park is situated along the lower Zambezi River in the area where the increased river water floods into the open plain forming a broad expanse of lakes each rainy season. The Zambezi River spreads across the flattened floodplain and fills the pools that have been created over time by the eroding water.

As the rainy season draws to an end and the lakes begin to dry up large herds of game animals enter the region in search of water and to eat the abundant grass trees that have flourished, resulting in excellent game viewing opportunities.

Four Pools

The game reserve takes its name; Mana, from the Shona word meaning ‘Four’ and refers to the four large watering holes or pools that are formed by the Zambezi River. The pools provide a magnificent backdrop to the reserve with the 2 500km2 (965 square miles) river banks and sandbanks being flanked by large lush forests of Wild Figs, Boababs and Mahogany trees.


Mana is home to the biggest concentration of Hippos and Crocodiles in the whole of Zimbabwe. Visitors entering the reserve during the dry season can also look forward to excellent sightings of large herds of Elephant and Buffalo. Eland, Zebra, Baboons and Waterbuck are also regularly seen in the area.



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