Life & Performance Coach  |  International Expedition Leader  | Photographer and Creative  |  Co founder of Wild Eye


Hi, I'm Gerry

I’m a life & performance coach,

international expedition leader,

photographer and creative

and co founder of Wild Eye.

In 11th grade, during that strange time when the world expects a 16 year old kid to have any idea about what they want to do with their life, my parents sent me for aptitude tests.  Looking back now, the psychologist who tested me hit the nail on the head when he gave me my results.

I have to work with people, do something that is not too linear or repetitive and do something in the performing arts.

Sitting here now, many years later, those three things – people, non-repetitive activities, or constant change, and performing – have been an integral part in my life and career.  And it still is.

The short version of the amazing journey that brought me to this moment goes a little something like this.

Gerry van der Walt
Gerry van der Walt

Go to university and complete BA Honors in Sport Psychology, represent South Africa at gymnastics, travel the world, run a personal training business, manage a company that provides education in the fitness industry and cut my teeth in lecturing and sharing information and complex concepts in an easy to understand manner, meet my soulmate, manage health and wellness for the Canyon Ranch Spa on board the Queen Mary 2, discover I have an interest and talent for photography, manage guest relations on North Island in the Seychelles, manage high end safari lodges, complete all my FGASA qualifications and guide in various reserves in South Africa, start a small safari and photographic education company called Photo-Africa, write a digital photography manuals, start Wild Eye with two amazing people and host numerous international tours and expeditions while building the business, start two podcasts and numerous YouTube shows, complete my life coaching qualification, start my own life coaching practice and still have so much I want to do.

Change the way you see the world!

Through all of that I unknowingly stayed true to the three core focuses I was told is what I should be doing.  People.  Constant change.  Performing.

Now, after taking time to reassess my life, what I’ve done, what I want to do, who I really am and what value I can bring to people in my life I am actively and very intentionally focusing on and pursuing my three core life pillars in order to get closer to my purpose in life. 

And it feels absolutely amazing!

Gerry van der Walt
Gerry van der Walt

At 46 years of age, and having already lived an amazing life so far, I feel like I have just found a new positive focus, passion and purpose and I plan to double down on it as much as I can.   This feeling, knowing who you are and more importantly, why you are, is something I wish for every single one of you and something I will impress on and motivate all my clients to chase because this crazy thing called life is not only an incredible adventure but also one of the most beautiful, amazing and overwhelmingly exciting privileges we all have.

Life has taken me to the highest of highs, where I felt alive and untouchable and grateful and emotional and humble, as well as dump me in the lowest of lows where I wasn’t sure I could actually go on.

By ultimately recognizing that I was responsible and accountable for both the good and bad in my life and that no one is going to come and save me, I made the decision to own who I am, what I’ve done and to over-index on gratitude and appreciating the good and the bad for what it is and learn from it.  I leaned into the people closest to me for love and support and decided to stand up for what I believe in which, combined with a very stubborn and competitive streak, has led me to an amazing place of passion and positive and purpose.

Gerry van der Walt
Gerry van der Walt

I am a life coach, international expedition leader, creative and co founder of Wild Eye but I am so much more than that. Through my experiences, education and insatiable lust for life I hope to make a difference to my coaching clients, people that travel with me and as many people whose path I might cross as possible.

On top of all that, I love good food, coffee, training, red wine, a fine single malt, cigars, long conversations, ice cream, movies, travel and boston terriers.  Oh, and pugs.

With everything that is going on in the world today we all need some positivity, passion and purposeful goals to chase and I’d love to be a part of your journey.

Stay safe. 

And don’t forget to be awesome.

"The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do."
~ Kobe Bryant

My Qualifications

  • BA HONOURS (Sport Psychology) – RAU, University of Johannesburg
  • LEVEL 3 TRAILS GUIDE – Field Guide Association of South Africa
  • PERSONAL TRAINING and EXERCISE SCIENCE – Institute of Fitness Professionals
  • LIFE COACHING CERTIFICATION – New Insights Life Coaching
  • FUNDAMENTALS OF PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE – New York Institute of Photography
  • PILATES and GROUP FITNESS INSTRUCTOR – Institute of Fitness Professionals

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