Two days ago we sat with a pangolin, yesterday morning with a family of meerkat and this morning with two cheetah brothers.

We always say that it’s the moments we live for that makes it worthwhile. We live for the moments. But what about those in between moments. The moments just after the moment we focus on.

The moment just after you get the shot. The moment just after you find the pangolin. The moment just after you sit down with your first cup of coffee. The moment just after hugging someone special. The moment just after, well, any big moment that impacts us.

To me, the moment after the moment is where, if you’re open to it, you understand and appreciate how special certain things are. It makes you, if you’re that way inclined, grateful for the big moments. It puts things in context and you kinda get how things got together and that everything f actually matters.

During the last few days I have been purposefully aware of the in between moments. The moments after the moments. And it’s been wonderfully refreshing to look at and think about the bigger moments and how they make us feel what we feel.

The featured image on this post was taken during one of these moments after a moment. We had just sat down about 20 meters from two cheetahs – a great moment. In the moment after the moment, when things settle in and things slow down, you appreciate everything so much more.

Guess it comes down to gratitude, appreciation and self awareness. And with where the world is right now that’s probably a good thing.

Wherever in the world you are, good morning, good evening and good night.

Stay safe. Stay awesome.



  1. You are very fortunate to experience all that you do. And you all seem to enjoy each others company, which I imagine makes the travel experience even better. Back pain has kept me from traveling at all and pursuing photography to a large extent. Being able to experience this through your videos and words is huge. Thank you all at Wildeye for allowing me to see and hear these beautiful spaces and the animals.

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