Apart from the client testimonials below please feel free to also head over to TripAdvisor to read what people have to say about their Wild Eye experience.

“A very special thank you for being such a wonderful host during The Great Migration Safari and for the incredible experience, along with providing such tips & tricks and photographic techniques, which I will keep for life. I really enjoyed the trip and look forward to planning another one with Wild Eye in the not too distant future.”

— Vidit Luthra, Dubai

“Special thanks to you for your patience and ego-boosting talks throughout the trip. You have such a special gift to connect, entertain, and teach, all in one package.  Your energy and love for travel and photography is contagious. I can’t say I will or won’t be on another trip at this point of time, but know that I will be thinking about it all the time.”

— Tori Bohn, Bali

“I am always in awe of your knowledge and your ability to impart it in a way I really can understand it. I didn’t say I retain it so you have to repeat yourself which is frustrating, I’m sure. You are the top in your field in what you do. Thank you for always being so patient with me. I do appreciate you so very much.”

— Nancy Anderson, USA

“Gerry, you are the quintessential guide: professional, energetic, dedicated to your client’s welfare, delightful company.”

— Martha Myers, USA

“Can’t think of anything really to improve upon. Gerry has the full respect of myself and all the group, with his knowledge of photography and wildlife.

The classroom teaching is outstanding, as are his skills in the field.

Gerry is the character that makes the group click and brings the Wild Eye family together.”

— Gerry Armstrong

“I’ve been on two safaris with Gerry. Simply put, he’s the best guide in Africa. Incredibly smart, superb attention to detail, deeply committed to nature, and lots of fun. He’s also one of the best wildlife photographers in the business – and loves to teach. I’m hoping to go on many more adventures led by the amazing Gerry!”

— Chris Michel, USA

“Wild Eye have developed a seamless system for delivering practical photography instruction while at the same time experimenting with different techniques for taking unusual shots.

Thank you to each and every one of the Wild Eye Team for sharing their enthusiasm and passion for photography. It is such a pleasure to travel with a company that cares. ”

— Glynnis Salvado, South Africa

“Gerry has a very natural and easy way of imparting knowledge and his passion for what he does is contagious.”

— Stuart Jamieson, United Kingdom

“Gerry and his team did an unbelievable job, guides where fantastic! I’d definitely recommend Wild Eye!”

— Clive Corder, South Africa

“Gerry’s spontaneous and energetic nature is highly inspirational; I enjoyed his lectures and creative expression, and appreciate his uplifting critique on my work.”

— Susan Greef, South Africa

“Gerry went the extra mile for me when my flight was delayed by a day. The video he sent reassuring me that all was well and the rapid rearranging of details so I was well cared for was greatly appreciated.

He was vigilant throughout the trip to assure that we had a perfect experience!”

— Lynn Symonds, USA

“Gerry will change you, will push you, will drive you to unearth the inner artist you had forgotten. His energy is infectious, his wisdom freely shared and his spirit will challenge yours to awaken!!!”

— Phil Symonds, USA

“Gerry is part of a rare breed of photographic hosts who will not pick up his own camera till his guests are happy and comfortable with what they are trying to achieve photographically. For him, the guest experience is the top priority. His knowledge of animal behaviour is invaluable in trying to get that shot.

When back at camp, he is more than happy to help you understand programmes like Lightroom, ensuring that you go home with not only some great shots, but also lots of new knowledge. Add in his enthusiasm and easy going nature and you have someone who you will want to go on trips with again and again.

A modern day Indiana Jones who always puts the guest first. His knowledge of wildlife and photography is exceptional and his enthusiasm is infectious ensuring you go home with a different perspective on the world.”

— Simon Beevers, South Africa

“A mutual acquaintance told me before I met Gerry on a 2013 Great Migration photographic safari, that he would have more energy than everyone on the trip put together, and he was right.

I’ve never met anyone with as much palpable enthusiasm for wildlife, photography and the communication of the two to those who shoot with him, than Gerry.

There are a lot of good wildlife photographers and many good teachers, but Gerry is a rare mix of the two.””

— Susan Portnoy, USA

“Gerry is the ‘best’ that I have been on any teaching safari with. His hospitality skills are near on perfect. Even when he must feel so tired he still has a smile on his face and and his jovial manner. In the future I will only go on a Wild Eye trip with Gerry!”

— Sallie Anthony, UK

“Gerry’s energetic and positive attitude always makes traveling with him a memorable experience. The trips are well organized and supported by the friendly and professional team at Wild Eye. His teaching skills are to be commended and he does not shy away from sharing his vast knowledge. Traveling with him will be an enlightened experience for any photographer.”

— Hennie Conradie, South Africa

“Gerry was the best sport on the trip, great support knowledge and guidance with that inimitable”Gerry” energy!

I don’t know too many employees who enjoy their jobs as much as the Wild Eye East Africa team do, credit to great leadership and empowerment!

Gerry has an inexhaustible enthusiasm and encouragement for his work and clients that is infectious and inspiring – he makes you want to be better at what you do !!”

— Janet Winterbourne, UK

“I have been on a number of trips with Gerry over the past few years, and each one has been fantastic.

Gerry is not just a photo guide – although he is an expert and has a way of talking you through a sighting to get the one in a million shot, it’s as though he is in sync with the wild and will forewarn you of what that the elephant will do next, which monkeys to watch, where to focus for the perfect fish eagle shot.

Gerry is not just a ranger, although fully qualified, he is a story teller of note, and brings the wild to life with interesting facts and scientific knowledge of almost any animal or bird you may encounter.

Gerry is not just a tour guide, he is the perfect host, bringing value to dinner table talk, ensuring you are comfortable and your every need met, he takes special note of your own interests and passions, and will arrange a fishing exploit for you, without you even asking.

Gerry has a way of bringing everything together into one package – the value add of his presence is more than money can buy.”

— Ockie Minnie, South Africa

“I love Wild Eye and how welcoming and helpful they are.

Gerry and his Wild Eye staff are very knowledgeable yet very patient with beginners like me. One of their goals is to make sure their guests get the shots first.

Gerry and Marlon are very knowledgeable in wildlife behavior and are really good at predicting what the animals are going to do.
They go out of their way to give you suggestions (if you want them) and help you get a great shot.

Go with Gerry and Wild Eye. You won’t be disappointed. They’re the best!”

— Kim Vanderwal, USA

“I have been privileged and blessed to have been on 4 trips with Gerry in Africa. His wealth of knowledge on not only the African landscape and bush, but on the technical and artistic/ creative perspective side on photography is unparalleled.

Gerry truly does have a passion and a calling for what he does and this shows in his hosting skills and his patience with all his clients. Gerry has played a huge roll in assuring my success as a photographer and I highly recommend you spend some time with him, you won’t be disappointed and one trip won’t be enough with this amazing talented guy. ”

— Amanda Marais, South Africa

“Gerry advised “Set your exposure very low. The elephant is going to walk into the morning sun and you can then take some backlit photos. It is a high risk shot but you already have some keepers.”

The result – my best photo ever.

It is fantastic to be on a photo safari with a professional photographer who has the combined knowledge of nature and wildlife behavior and is willing and able to share his knowledge. ”

— Arend van der Walt, South Africa

“My first safari with Wild Eye was approached with much fear and trepidation…I have a basic camera, had never had it off of the automatic settings, didn’t know what ISO, aperture, f stop were…needless to say I knew NOTHING and here I was going on safari with people who were very passionate about photography.

Then I got to Wilson Airport in Nairobi and met Gerry and the group I would be spending the next week with and all photography aside, I started relaxing.

The first day out in the vehicle with Gerry convinced me that I had made the right decision. He is so passionate about photography, extremely knowledgeable about the animals, their behavior and what they’ll do next. He went through every step of using my camera with me – embarrassingly enough, numerous times – without ever losing patience with me, looking disgusted or getting “that tone” in his voice. He is so unselfish. You know that he’d just love to get a specific shot but he wants his clients to get the best shots with the best advantage and the correct settings.

He has a very outgoing, fun personality and help does not stop in the field, he’ll spend hours working on Lightroom with you when you get back to camp or on the phone from South Africa to Oregon, USA!

Wild Eye’s theme is “We’ll change the way you See The World”, Gerry changed my world. I have left a part of my heart in Africa and it tightens its grip on me every time I visit.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Gerry, you are the greatest and a special friend. ”

— Nancy Anderson, USA

“I booked a safari with with Gerry and Wild Eye because it was something on my Bucket List, something I had always wanted to do.

I thought it would be a one-off and I would come back happy and say “I’m glad I did that!”. That did happen, but it was so much more!

Gerry’s team provided me with an experience of a lifetime. The attention to detail, the camp facilities/staff, the experience of the guides, the knowledge of the photographic instructors are all unsurpassed. I will go back and experience it again.

Gerry and his team did indeed change the way I see the world.”

— Marsha Goodyear, Canada

“Very impressive on all levels with all around knowledge of everything.

I could really tell that Gerry takes pride in making the safari experience the best it can be for the guest and he pays attention to each guest on the safari equally.

Gerry focuses on what level and needs in photography each guest is trying to achieve- whether you are just starting out or have been to several safari’s/workshops.

He is always is willing to go above and beyond to help with any questions or problems— on the safari or across your computer (without making you feel like a total idiot or that you are bothering him with like the same question for the 1000th time) . 🙂

Gerry’s knowledge of the animals and their behaviors made it possible to help you predict when to try to get your best shot/image as possible and his enthusiasm / pride about the wildlife and for Africa made you love Africa more.

I was surprised at how at home I felt in Africa and wish there were more people in the world like this!”

— Joni Munsterteiger, USA

“As a generalist freelance photographer with an interest in nature and wildlife photography I approached Gerry to work with him on a private safari which was part of a 3 month project of my own.

The objective was to build my wildlife photography skills and portfolio. My trip with him was to a location I already knew well but it was his previous guiding experience and of course wildlife photography expertise that I wanted to enlist his services for as well as to have a like minded professional to bounce creative ideas off.

Gerry was terrific. Freely exchanging knowledge and ideas, his passion for all things wildlife as well as photography was evident. His knowledge extends beyond photography and post processing as he used to be a safari guide and therefore has deep understanding of the natural world that he is photographing.

Great fun to work with, energetic, a super sense of humour and passionate about what he does. Any trip with Gerry (and his team at Wild Eye) will be beneficial and I highly recommend working with him whether on a private safari, group safari or workshop.”

— Joseph Anthony, Hong Kong

“Gerry is very friendly and goes out of his way to make sure all of his guests are enjoying and happy. He does an excellent job of pushing you to try new things photographically while also enjoying the experience.”

— Andrea Brum-Oome, Gabon