I’m sitting at Tswalu in the Kalahari. It’s been a place I’ve heard of a lot and based on our first afternoon where we went on foot with a pangolin and two different aardvarks, it delivers.

But this isn’t a blog about Tswalu. Or photography. Or pangolins. Even though they’re really awesome.

This blog, on my personal website, is where I will share personal thoughts, ideas, random observations and whatever else comes to mind.

First off, this website is not 100% finished. I still have to rewrite a few pages – like my bio which is very old – and I need to update galleries, add new one, add some travel ideas and link my SmugMug to it as well.

So moving forward I’ll be posting on here in a, hopefully, quite regular basis as the WordPress mobile app is actually pretty amazing and makes it super easy to do from anywhere.

So as we go I want to just share. Just write. And keep it real. And yes it will be quite random at times. About anything regardless of how random it might be. I’ll be writing for me and if you guys enjoy it and want to share thoughts or comments, that would be pretty cool.

I almost have to get going to go and photograph a family of meerkats but some of the thoughts in my head – which is an interesting place at the best of times – include thoughts on my own passion for and need to travel, some of the coffee quotes I used to share on IG, how much I miss road trips, why quiet time by yourself is so important and the clusterfuck of emotions that is this lockdown / quarantine / corona train wreck we’re all going through.

Just to name a few.

Hey, I said it’s gonna be random. And it’s gonna be real and raw. I think we need some of that right now. Well, I know I do!

Anyway, time to get another quick cup of coffee and head out. See what another day in Africa will share with us.

If you’re still reading, thank you. Hope to see you somewhere along this incredible journey – whether in real life or online.

Wherever in the world you are, good morning, good evening and good night .

Stay safe. Stay awesome.


A fire under African skies. Few things can compare.


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