I’m in Cullinan.

It’s a small town about 45 minute drive from Johannesburg where I stay. It’s an easy drive and within 40 minutes or so it feels like your away.

Feels like you are traveling.

Fuck, I miss traveling. A lot.

When lockdown started I was actually quite psyched to be home for a while. In my own space. My own little world. Family, training, dogs, home.

But it’s been a while now. And I need to travel. This is officially the longest I haven’t traveled for since I was in school.

I was built to travel. Mentally and physically.

But wait, this just arrived and need to take care of it quickly.

Keftedes and haloumi

Okay, that was delightful. Where was I?

Oh yeah. Travel. I miss it. A lot. And I’m pumped to get back to travel, especially internationally, soon. But I digress.

Back to Cullinan.

This morning I woke up and I thought, what can I do today that is gonna not make this feel like another public holiday Monday that is nice but gives you that depressing Sunday afternoon vibes later in the day when you realise tomorrow it’s back to work.

If you’re from South Africa let me give you a reference… the way the Carte Blanche music makes you feel. Get it?

Anyway, just got to Cullinan. I’m now sitting at a small, very quaint Greek restaurant called AS GREET AS IT GETS. It’s a a stunning day. There’s that small town vibe in the air with people exploring the multitude of small shops along the road while snaking on mini donuts, candy floss and other holiday type snacks. The owner of the restaurant, who looks like he’s part of the furniture, is sitting at the entrance to the kitchen and is in complete control of his domain; this little piece of Greece. He’s awesome. I’m two mimosas down and writing this blog on my phone. And even though I was planning to share something a bit more deep, and possibly even inspirational, you now have the pleasure of reading about my day in Cullinan.

As Greek as it gets

We’ve ordered a seafood platter. So while I’m waiting I’ll finish this post and at least touch on what I wanted to share with your originally.

Travel. Experiences. Life.

These things are important to me. Maybe to you as well. And that is why we need to start focusing more on the now.

How often – and don’t bullshit me here – have you planned a trip. Wanted to do something. Go somewhere. Call someone. Experience something new. Just do something new and different and exciting and stimulating.

But then.. you never actually get to it. And, I’m taking a stab in the dark here, often it will have to do with the future.

We are often so caught up in planning for the future that we forget to actually live life and be aware of the amazing moments we could have… right… now!

I could have found 100s of reasons to not drive out to Cullinan today. Emails I need to answer. Spreadsheets and proposals I need to finish. I need to spend some time at home because I don’t get the chance often. I need to rather save money and not go and pay for lunch.

Fuck… that…

This might sound like the headline quote from a self help book, but we only have one shot at this thing called life.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world. See things many people only dream of. Share bucket list moments with people. Watch sunrises in the Arctic and sunsets in New York. I’ve gotten lost in cities and found myself in the worlds oldest rainforests.

But still… I want more.

I want more experiences. More moments. More sunsets and sunrises. More laughs. More tears. More… life.

Yes planning for the future is important and I’m not suggesting you don’t focus on it or plan for it. I’m asking you… begging you… to not be so focused on the future that you miss out on life right now.

Lockdown was hard for me. Dark at times. But it’s come and gone, leaving me with some scars but also with a healthy amount of perspective.

Life… experiences… moments… laughter… happiness… sadness… magic…

Like Freddie Mercury said, I want it all.

Whatever you’ve been thinking of. That thing you haven’t done. Do… it… now! I’m going to, and to an extent have been, and I’m loving every moment!

The streets are busy with people acting like tourists even thought they’re from around here. They’re having fun, shopping, talking, laughing. The restaurant is almost full and we’re opening a glass of white wine to go with our seafood platter. If I close my eyes, listen to the people in the small streets, hear the Greek music and cutlery in the restaurant and smell the garlic, rosemary and other spices from the kitchen, I can almost convince myself that I’m in the Mediterranean in a small coastal village.

Yes, I like this.

My seafood platter has arrived and I’m about to loose myself in this and a bottle of white.

Seafood platter

Oh, I’m thinking of blogging more, or perhaps even do a daily newsletter. About life. Do you think I should? Actually will be doing it more for myself, but would be cool to share it with people.

Okay, I’m done.

Time to focus on my prawns, mussels and calamari.

Why don’t you stop what you’re doing and go do something you haven’t done for a while? Then come and tell me about it in the comments.

Wherever in the world you are, good morning, good evening and good night.

Μείνε ασφαλής. Μείνε υπέροχος. 😉



  1. I’m in Milwaukee and we are surrounded by the land of the MAGA hat wearer. I got to go 3 hour drive at that point it’s an overnight. I do winter camping but not my favorite. That usually stops me. Chicago is an hour and a half away but I usually stop my self from that because the expense and the dog. Driving to the city proper is annoying, parking and all. So, I usually drop by our part of Lake Michigan and hit our art museum. Hip is repaired, spring has sprung, and when I can have the okay to drive again I’ll be off with the dog for some camping. The tent lives in the car. Your significant other / wife is a lucky woman. I hope she feels it. You are an awesome guy. Keep feeding us with your dreams and adventures.

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